Fall is upon us! Get ready for the change of seasons with seven interior design trends filled with cozy, earthy tones to bring comfort and style to your home.

  1. Earthly Neutrals 

    Give the feeling of a warm, relaxing fireplace with this fall's earth-toned color scheme. Complete these earth tones with orange or amber colors.

  2. Vintage Decor

    Create a personal and functional style with vintage furniture and design elements. You can even go shopping in an attic or old storage unit to bring out some vintage heirlooms. A mix of vintage and contemporary can combine to make a style that's uniquely yours. 

  3. Natural Textures and Soft Fabrics

    Nothing says fall like cooler weather (besides pumpkin and football, of course!). Warm up your family by incorporating blankets with fuzzy fabrics. Who doesn't want a hideaway? Consider creating a reading space that's all your own with flannel and extra pillows.

  4. Room Dividers

    In a pandemic world, you've had to transform parts of your home for different purposes throughout the day. Perhaps your dining room table doubles as a school or office during the day and then goes back to holding dinner in the evening. Or maybe without visitors, that guest room has turned into a board room to hold business meetings online. Create privacy with moveable room dividers to help break up the space and get your work done. 

  5. Cottage Kitchens

    Kitchens are often the centerpiece of any home and it appears the days of simply white kitchens may be behind us. This fall, contemplate a kitchen redesign with statement pieces that are still durable and timelines. Think new cabinet hardware and dark decor.

  6. Snuggle-filled Bedrooms

    Layers on layers on layers. Fill your bedroom with soft, warm fabrics for layering. Look to your window treatments for a warm color refresh. Add a pop of color with a new, plush rug with a pop of color. 

  7. Outdoors in the Indoors

    Bring nature inside with updates to furniture fibers. Let the sunshine in with window treatments that also allow for natural lighting. Plus, add a few more houseplants to the mix. We know you have a green thumb! 

These are just a few ideas to transform your home. Ready to get started? Schedule your consultation with Luxury Spaces today.